CamelWay founded in 1983, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in producing concrete mixers, concrete batching plants, stabilized soil equipment, sand aggregate equipment. we offer variety of service such as design , manufacture , installation , debugging , after-sales service etc. Features like great reliability, high performance, low maintenance and long life have made our products popular in many countries and regions,such as Nigerian ,Tajikistan,Kazakhstan,South Africa,Ukraine,and so on.

HZS60 Concrete Mixing Plant is a new type of concrete mixing equipment that we have absorbed in international advanced equipment development experience and have concentrated on research and development. It has the first level in China. The mixing station is suitable for medium-scale building construction sites, concrete prefabrication plants and commercial concrete manufacturing plants.
1. Mixing host
The main machine adopts the twin-shaft forced type, the agitating blade and the liner use wear-resistant materials, which has long service life and easy maintenance and replacement.
2. Electric control system
The electrical control system consists of a computer host, a monitor, a printer, and a communication cable. Under special circumstances, the control of the mixing station can be accomplished through a manual operating system, such as batching, mixing, and unloading.
3. Batching machine
The batching machine consists of: aggregate storage bins, racks, weighing hoppers, aggregate conveyors, sensors, etc. It has a long service life and is accurately weighed.
4. Screw conveyor
The cement conveying adopts the full-sealing device, and the soft connection between the discharge port and the measuring hopper does not affect the measurement accuracy; the feed port is a universal ball joint, and the angle deviation can be adjusted, and the sealing performance is good; the clearance between the spiral blade and the cylinder body is small, and the transmission efficiency is high.
5. Cement silo
The top of the cement silo is equipped with an anti-overhead device, which allows the cement to be blown in, reducing the load pressure of the cement silo and preventing the dust from polluting the air. The arch-breaking device is placed in the cone and combined with the airway system and the control system. The cement can be automatically broken in real time, and the arch can be broken manually.
6. Control room
The use of color sandwich panels, with insulation, insulation. The interior is equipped with air conditioning. The console is ergonomically designed for comfortable operation.
hzs60 concrete batching plant


1. Short mixing time, good homogeneity of mixing, can produce high quality concrete;
2. Electronic weighing, precision and stability, measurement accuracy is higher than the national standard requirements;
3. Advanced microcomputer control system, with automatic adjustment, compensation, alarm and other functions;
4. All the core components adopt international advanced electronic components to ensure the stability and quality of the equipment;
5. The mixing machine adopts the manufacturing technology of high wear-resistant lining plates and blades, the rational arrangement of blades and mixing arms, advanced lubricating design, and the durability of the mixing barrel;
6. The design of modular words makes the maintenance, installation and transfer of the mixing station convenient and quick;
7. Can provide a variety of different material transport methods, truly local conditions;
8. The operating environment is safe and comfortable, and the product is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

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